I got a problem

Why is it all of a sudden nothing is happening to the Wikia? This same thing happened to WCCRPW. The admins and leaders arent active, nor are its memeber. Yeah maybe one or two people look at stuff maybe twice a month, but stuff needs to be done. 

When the Wikia was active, the main thing people would focus on, was PCA. 

Now I was looking in the Archives of the PCA talk about shutting down the PCA and all shit. Im not saying we should do that, but the people would not focus on the PC PW PR and all the other mess. I feel as if Im the only on trying to update PC, getting PW, PR, PB and more. 

You know, id really appreciate it if people would step up and help. Sorry if Im being rude, but sadly there isnt aburst in activity, and if the wikian contributars see this blog and dont give a shit, i dont care. Atleast someone frickin help me with all this shit im working on?

Again: Yeah I know im sounding harsh, thats the only way i can get people to listen in the real world and the wikian world. Dont get me wrong, I didnt want to right this nor did I intend it to be like this, but can someone fucking work on something //besides// PCA? I mean, yeah, a lot of cats still need Charart, but can we have like a regulation to only certian people could make Charart and Certain people could help PC? We could switch their roles probably twice a week or so. Thats an idea. I bet the rest of you can come up with another fucking idea.

fuckI am Walrus(Walrus) 06:47, July 31, 2015 (UTC)

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